Best small town in Finland – also for those who telecommute

Loviisa is the perfect place for teleworking. You can do efficient working hours in your own home, in an intimate café or for example at CoWork, a shared office in the centre of Loviisa. The local telephone cooperative has built an extensive fibre optic network covering the whole city. Internet connections of one gigabyte in speed are the norm in Loviisa.

Loviisa is the living proof that things can be done differently. Many municipalities have decided to lower costs by closing village schools, but in family-friendly Loviisa we have decided to preserve them. In addition, we are building two new wooden schools. For many parents, the expenses of the children’s hobbies is a concern. In Loviisa, all children and youths can do their hobbies without having to pay rent expenses for sports halls or sports fields!

Loviisa has become the hometown for many creative people, and the town boasts a lively cultural life. Various art exhibitions, concerts and book cafés represent the diversity of art in Loviisa. On the initiative of local residents, a nationally well-known event has emerged – the Historical Houses of Loviisa. The public can visit the homes of people living in Loviisa. The authentic bilingualism of Loviisa also spices up the ambience of the city.

In Loviisa you can live spaciously or urbanely crowdedly, but always comfortably and inexpensively. Is your preference the centre, the tranquillity of the countryside or the picturesque archipelago? If necessary, you can easily reach the Helsinki metropolitan area or Kotka by motorway. It is less than an hour’s drive to central Helsinki.

There are plots for every taste in Loviisa if you wish to build your dream home yourself. Perhaps you would like to build your house at Kuningattarenranta, where the Finnish Housing Fair 2023 will be arranged?

At Kuningattarenranta you live by the sea, and the view consists of the Old Town located by the ridge on the other side of the bay, gilded by the morning sun. Not so shabby to look at while you telecommute!

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The Town of the Queen

King Adolf Fredrick of Sweden visited the town of Degerby in 1752. He became so fond of the town that he renamed it after his wife, the strong woman of Drottningholm Palace, Queen Louisa (Lovisa in Swedish) Ulrika. In addition to the name, the city has inherited from this age the city’s fortifications, i.e. the bastions. One of the most famous constructions in Loviisa is the sea fortress of Svartholm, which was built under the supervision of Augustin Ehrensvärd in the mid-18th century.

The four municipalities Ruotsinpyhtää, Liljendal, Pernaja and Loviisa merged in 2010. The new City of Loviisa has about 15 000 inhabitants and its area is larger than that of the cities Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo combined!

Loviisa is renowned for its environmentally friendly energy production, its good logistical location and its diverse businesses. Tourism has become an increasingly important industry in recent years. Loviisa consists of a scenic archipelago, a historic old town and idyllic villages, among which the idyllic iron works area Strömforsin Ruukki was elected Village of the Year in Uusimaa 2018.